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Al Harris: ‘I’ll be back in 6 months’ | National Football Post

Al Harris: ‘I’ll be back in 6 months’ | National Football Post.

On Sunday night I was having dinner in Tampa with my client, Stylez G. White, when my phone lit up with the message, “Packers.” I knew it wasn’t good and that it had something to do with my client Al Harris.

A team executive gave me the news: “It looks like Al may have torn his ACL,” he said. A sinking feeling came over me, and I lost my appetite. I couldn’t believe it — Al isn’t supposed to get hurt. He’s only missed four games in his 13-year NFL career.

Al HarrisAPPackers CB Al Harris, defending San Fran’s Michael Crabtree, tore his ACL on Sunday afternoon.

I texted Al, who called me right back and with a steady voice told me what had happened. We discussed some reconstructive medical options and decided to use this week to do our due diligence and make a plan of attack. Then Al said, “I’m going to be back in six months, Jack.”

My response was that that was an aggressive estimate. “Well, that’s my plan,” he said, “and I’m going to play three to four more years. This injury wasn’t in my plan. Playing a few more years is.”

We frequently talk about cutting-edge workouts and supplements, 20-year vet and Pro Bowler Darrell Green, nutrition, offseason workouts and recovery. Al is obsessed with career longevity and the mind’s power to heal the body.

When he lacerated his spleen last season, he healed faster than expected and did it with a plan. So here’s a guy who has a season-ending injury and within two hours is already focusing on his medical and rehab plans. That’s Al Harris.

Early in Al’s career, I used to talk to him about getting career-ending injury insurance. He would snap at me, telling me he would never need it. He also insisted that we never talk about injuries or getting hurt ever again. He explained that he uses positive visualization along with hard work to stay strong and healthy. He never thinks about things that have negative scenarios.

In the last two years in Green Bay, usually right before camp, Al asked his general manager to never judge him on his age, only on his play. So anyone who wants to focus on his age had better take a look at the tape. I promise you’ll see Al Harris at his signature right cornerback spot on opening week next season.

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Al Harris suffers torn ACL by Brad Biggs November 22, 02009

Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL

Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL

Written by Biggs: Al Harris suffers torn ACL by Brad Biggs November 22, 02009

The Green Bay Packers paid a high price in their victory over the San Francisco 49ers this afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Veteran cornerback Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL, according to a league source.

Harris, who turns 35 next month, was injured in the fourth quarter. He was running in coverage with 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree when he went down. Harris was taken by cart to the locker room.

Harris and Charles Woodson have been one of the strengths of the Packers’ defense, and he’s been a model of durability throughout his career. Harris missed four games last season with a spleen issue, but had played in 16 games in five previous seasons for Green Bay.

In Harris’ absence, the Packers will likely have to rely more on Tramon Williams. He wasn’t the only serious injury concern for the team either. Pass rusher Aaron Kampman went down in the third quarter with a left knee injury. His knee buckled, and he made it to the sideline before taking a cart to the locker room.

Written By: BradBiggs

National Football Post


Wishing On Stars – Monday Nov. 9th 2009

Wishing Stars

A L L   A C C E S S   P R O M O T I O N S   P R E S E N T S:
“WISHING ON STARS” more info link
Located at:

Mo’s – A Place for Steaks
720 N. Plankinton Avenue – Milwaukee, WI 53203

Tel: 414-272-0720
Fax: 414-272-2714

7:00pm – 11:00pm
Benefiting: Harris Family Foundation

Cocktail Pro Bowl All Star Al Harris
Featuring the Green Bay Packers,
Milwaukee Bucks & Milwaukee Brewers

To Purchase Tables:

Hosted By:
Pro Bowl All Star Al Harris
Featuring the Green Bay Packers,
Milwaukee Bucks & Milwaukee Brewers

B e n e f i t t i n g    t h e    H a r r i s    F a m i l y   F o u n d a t i o n


On November 9, 2009, Al Harris is proud to be hosting the inaugural “Wishing on Stars” celebrity serve.  The event will serve as an introduction to his new foundation, the Harris Family Foundation, which he and his wife recently established. The Harris Family Foundation’s mission is two-fold.  One major goal is to help raise awareness and support for children affected by Crohn’s disease, and the other is to support much-needed youth programs in Broward County, Florida, where Harris was raised.


Wishing on Stars grants special wishes for terminally ill children, creating wonderful memories, building hope and strength, and providing laughter and normalcy to children who are forced to grow up too quickly. Wish children are courageous, and by granting a wish, Wishing on Stars helps renew their childlike energy and enthusiasm, even if only for a brief period of time.


Crohn’s disease is a chronic disease that causes severe inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and affects over 500,000 people, 100,000 of which are under the age of 18. The cause of Crohn’s disease has yet to be determined, and thus there is no cure.  It is events like this one and thanks to generous folks like you  money for research can be raised to create hope for the thousands of people affected by this illness.

For more information about Crohn’s disease please log on to

The History Behind the Stars

It’s been over a decade since Kevin Carter of the Tennessee Titans launched the first “Wish Celebrity Serve“.  Due to its incredible success, Kevin passed the torch to Marcus Pollard of the Indianapolis Colts. Since then Reggie Wayne has carried the event and helped make it one of the most successful fundraising events in Indianapolis among professional athletes. This year the event will not only occur in Tennessee and Indianapolis, but Al Harris will extend the honor to members of the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers. In true NFL tradition of “family”, this event will continue to grow virally among the players and will be an event that grants wishes to families for years to come.

On November 9, 2009, raise your glass and celebrate with us for the inaugural “Wishing on Stars” Celebrity Serve.  This year’s event takes place at Mo’s…A Place for Steaks. Packers All-Pro Defensive Back Al Harris will host this year’s gathering along with other members of the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers to help raise money for the Harris Family Foundation.  In tradition of the event, the evening will feature celebrities “waiting on” guests, signing autographs, or simply accepting donations to do just about anything within reason in the name of charity. Celebrities will be encouraged to sign autographs, leave personalized voicemails, perform favorite songs and/or dances and more in exchange for attendees’ donations.

We will begin the evening with a cocktail reception followed by a spectacular dinner, a silent and live auction and a special presentation.

We are offering two participation opportunities, a silent auction contribution and/or a celebrity gift bag insertion.  All contributors will receive recognition in the event program. Celebrity gift bag contributors are subject to receive added benefits outlined in the sponsorship package. Please review the attached pages for more information about our available options.

On behalf of the Harris Family Foundation, Al Harris, Mo’s…A Place for Steaks, and All Access Promotions, thank you for considering participation.  With your help, we can succeed in making a difference in the lives of many deserving children!

Event Details

Schedule of Events

7:00 – 10:00 PM: Silent Auction

7:30 – 7:35 PM: Welcome Message

7:45 PM: Celebrity Introductions

7:50 PM: Al Harris Family Foundation Introduction

8:00 PM: Dinner is Served

8:30 PM: Live Auction Begins

10:00 PM: Silent Auction Ends

10:30 PM: Silent Auction Checkout

*Times are Subject to Change

Operation Shutdown in full effect: 5 weeks, 1 completion, 10 yards

Bears TE Greg Olsen paid the price for catching a 10-yard pass vs. Al Harris in Week 11.

Bears TE Greg Olsen paid the price for catching a 10-yard pass vs. Al Harris in Week 11.

Some streaks in sports simply defy logic. We could use Al’s recently-broken streak of 175 consecutive appearances in an NFL game as an example. Who goes 10 years or so without missing a game in the NFL? It’s crazy to even think about.

Al took a tremendous amount of pride in that streak, but when it ended due to a lacerated spleen, the only concern was for Al’s health.

However, 3irty1 beat that injury and returned to the field a few weeks later, starting a new streak of five consecutive games and counting.

But the real story during those five games is this: Al Harris has only allowed one completed pass for 10 yards. Let’s say that again: In five games since returning from a lacerated spleen, 3irty1 has given up just one completion for 10 yards.

Absolutely incredible.

Sometimes I wish Al’s name would appear more in the box score. More tackles. More deflected passes. More interceptions. Because often those are the stats most coaches and fans look at when they evaluate who is the best in the business.

But Al has made himself into one of the all-time greats by doing his job so well, opposing QBs don’t even bother throwing his way anymore. He doesn’t generate the stats you might expect from one of the best cornerbacks in the game because his guy is never open, limiting the opportunities Al gets to generate those stats.

So keep your interceptions, your tipped passes and your tackles. The only stat that really matters is right here:

Five games, 1 completion, 10 yards.