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Why not learn from the best?

Terrence Newman (right) finds inspiration in Al Harris' game.

I'm watching you: Terrence Newman (right) finds inspiration in Al Harris

We’ve all heard the old phrase: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So when Cowboys’ cornerback Terrance Newman says he patterns part of his game after Al Harris, well, that’s about the biggest compliment one player can give to another. Check out what Newman told the Dallas Morning News today:

“When I was in college, I used to look at [Charles] Woodson and Deion [Sanders] and Darrell Green and guys like that,” Newman said. “You always look at Al Harris because he’s the best press corner in the game right now. You take little bits and pieces of all their games and use what they have to make you better.”

Take a look at the players Newman is patterning his game after, and you quickly realize he’s taking tips from a handful of the best players to ever play the cornerback position. The story continues:

Newman, who enters his sixth NFL season, was impressed at how Sanders used his speed to catch up to receivers who got some distance on him. Newman watched as Harris used his hands to hold off receivers in man-to-man coverage.

After making his first Pro Bowl team in 2008, Al Harris is at the point in his career where age and experience have blended together. The 33-year-old is showing no signs of slowing down, and up-and-coming players like Terrence Newman are wise to pattern their games after our own “3irty1”.


The Sporting News: Al Harris is key to Packers D

Check out The Sporting News NFL page today and you’ll see a feature story on 3irty1. Click the image below to read the story, or scroll down to read a some key bits and pieces:


The story on 3irty1 includes great insight from Matt Crossman of the Sporting News on Al and the massive impact he makes for the Packers defensively:

Al Harris can’t win. He wants to be known as one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and he wants to make the Pro Bowl. In pursuit of those goals, he has worked to perfect his technique, studied hour upon hour of film and consistently shut down the best receivers in the game. And that’s the problem. The better he gets, the lower his profile.

If it’s possible for unimpressive stats to be vastly impressive, that’s the case with Harris. He doesn’t get many interceptions because offenses are afraid of him — and because his guy is never open. In the same way, his tackle numbers are meager because there’s nobody to tackle. That might sound like hooey, but it’s not. Harris always covers the opponent’s best receiver, and he’s on pace for only 37 stops.

Chris Collinsworth: Best CBs in the league

Former NFL wideout and current NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth knows a few things about cornerbacks. So when he offers this kind of praise to 3irty1, you’ve pretty much got no other choice than to listen:

“All these guys who sit back in zone defense and have interceptions fall into their laps go to the Pro Bowl,” Collinsworth says. “But nobody is asked to do more than Al Harris and Charles Woodson.

“People know about Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly in Denver. But Harris and Woodson are the best cornerback pair doing the toughest job.”

“The essence of that defense is the fact they can play bump-and-run on the outside and take away the good receivers,” Collinsworth says. “Because you’re taking out the best receivers in one-on-one bump-and-run, now you’re only forced to play against nine guys.

“It was believed you couldn’t do that anymore in this league. But those two guys are getting it done.”