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Age vs. Experience

3irty1 has played in 172 consecutive games.

3irty1 has played in 172 consecutive games.

As the Packers prepare to defend their NFC North title, the season previews are rolling in. And one consistent theme among them speaks to the experience advantage of Al Harris and Charles Woodson.

Of course, the “experience” can be a disadvantage if you’re not taking care of your body in the offseason like Harris does.

2008 represents Al Harris’ 11th year as an NFL defensive back, which is an amazing feat in itself. Especially considering  receivers are getting bigger and the amount of contact allowed down the field getting smaller. Many “older” DBs are getting pushed out of their positions or moved to safety. Basically, it can be difficult for a corner to stand the test of time unless he finds a way to adapt, to combine brains and brawn.

And your don’t play 172 consecutive games like Al Harris has done without brains and brawn.

So what are Al’s feelings after racking up 10 productive years in the league, including his first Pro Bowl berth last season?

“It makes you feel blessed. It’s definitely a blessing. . . . This game is a revolving door, guys come in and guys leave. The fact you can stick around 10-plus is a good thing.”

One of the greatest cornerbacks of all time – Darrell Green of the Redskins – was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame after putting in 20 years of work. Al Harris took notice and was so inspired he called his agent – Jack Bechta – to get Green’s phone number. 3irty1 says he wants to put in another 10 years and give himself a 20-year career of his own. Bechta says Harris has the determination to get it done. And the way 3irty1 is going, we’re not going to bet against him.

Al Harris goes for consecutive game No. 173 on Monday, Sept. 8th when the Packers kick off the 2008 season with a Monday Night tilt vs. NFC North rival Minnesota in Lambeau.