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Al Harris: ‘I’ll be back in 6 months’ | National Football Post

Al Harris: ‘I’ll be back in 6 months’ | National Football Post.

On Sunday night I was having dinner in Tampa with my client, Stylez G. White, when my phone lit up with the message, “Packers.” I knew it wasn’t good and that it had something to do with my client Al Harris.

A team executive gave me the news: “It looks like Al may have torn his ACL,” he said. A sinking feeling came over me, and I lost my appetite. I couldn’t believe it — Al isn’t supposed to get hurt. He’s only missed four games in his 13-year NFL career.

Al HarrisAPPackers CB Al Harris, defending San Fran’s Michael Crabtree, tore his ACL on Sunday afternoon.

I texted Al, who called me right back and with a steady voice told me what had happened. We discussed some reconstructive medical options and decided to use this week to do our due diligence and make a plan of attack. Then Al said, “I’m going to be back in six months, Jack.”

My response was that that was an aggressive estimate. “Well, that’s my plan,” he said, “and I’m going to play three to four more years. This injury wasn’t in my plan. Playing a few more years is.”

We frequently talk about cutting-edge workouts and supplements, 20-year vet and Pro Bowler Darrell Green, nutrition, offseason workouts and recovery. Al is obsessed with career longevity and the mind’s power to heal the body.

When he lacerated his spleen last season, he healed faster than expected and did it with a plan. So here’s a guy who has a season-ending injury and within two hours is already focusing on his medical and rehab plans. That’s Al Harris.

Early in Al’s career, I used to talk to him about getting career-ending injury insurance. He would snap at me, telling me he would never need it. He also insisted that we never talk about injuries or getting hurt ever again. He explained that he uses positive visualization along with hard work to stay strong and healthy. He never thinks about things that have negative scenarios.

In the last two years in Green Bay, usually right before camp, Al asked his general manager to never judge him on his age, only on his play. So anyone who wants to focus on his age had better take a look at the tape. I promise you’ll see Al Harris at his signature right cornerback spot on opening week next season.

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Al Harris suffers torn ACL by Brad Biggs November 22, 02009

Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL

Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL

Written by Biggs: Al Harris suffers torn ACL by Brad Biggs November 22, 02009

The Green Bay Packers paid a high price in their victory over the San Francisco 49ers this afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Veteran cornerback Al Harris has been lost for the season with a torn ACL, according to a league source.

Harris, who turns 35 next month, was injured in the fourth quarter. He was running in coverage with 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree when he went down. Harris was taken by cart to the locker room.

Harris and Charles Woodson have been one of the strengths of the Packers’ defense, and he’s been a model of durability throughout his career. Harris missed four games last season with a spleen issue, but had played in 16 games in five previous seasons for Green Bay.

In Harris’ absence, the Packers will likely have to rely more on Tramon Williams. He wasn’t the only serious injury concern for the team either. Pass rusher Aaron Kampman went down in the third quarter with a left knee injury. His knee buckled, and he made it to the sideline before taking a cart to the locker room.

Written By: BradBiggs

National Football Post


3irty1 is back!

Al Harris threw this body all over the field Sunday vs. the Titans.

Al Harris threw this body all over the field Sunday vs. the Titans.

Just as he predicted, Al Harris made his improbable return to the field Sunday, six weeks after suffering a potential career-ending injury vs. Dallas on September 16.

More photos and reaction to 3irty1’s return coming soon…

Im ready to go

One month ago many of us didn’t think it was possible, but Packers cornerback Al Harris has been given medical clearance to return to the playing field when the Packers battle the Titans on Nov. 2nd, less than two months removed from lacerating his spleen:

“I’m ready to go,” Harris said before he and most of his Packers teammates departed Tuesday afternoon for their five days off for the bye week. “It’s totally up to them, however they want to use me.”

What does Al mean when he says ‘however they want to use me’?

Given how well Tramon Williams has played in his place, the Packers might be inclined to ease Harris into the rotation perhaps by putting him in Williams’ old role as the nickel or No. 3 cornerback.

How did 3irty1 spend his time recovering?

Immediately after the injury, he could do nothing — “absolutely nothing,” he said — for one week.

“There’s no treatment for it,” Harris said. “Your body has to heal on its own when it comes to an injury like that.”

After a week, he began some lightweight lifting and conditioning on stationary equipment but he could not run because he said he “couldn’t do anything to shake up your insides.”

Al adds he “just concentrated on my family and my kids just to keep my mind off it.”

Will he need to play it safe, wear protective gear or do anything different than he did before the injury?

He figures he’ll wear some protective device or padding, but said the rib cage should provide enough protection.

“You see a lot of spleen injuries in car accidents, so I think it was more of the impact and I was turned a weird way,” Harris said. “This was really like a freak thing. Maybe it was just time to sit down for a little bit.”

Harris: Im playing in the Tennesse game

Just got off the phone with Al, who is in great spirits and is itching to get back on the field.

He said if it were up to him, he’d be playing this weekend vs. Indy because he feels “great.” But the doctors have not cleared him for a return in Week 7.

However, he said he’ll be back the week after the Oct. 26 bye week. When I asked him how sure he was that he’d return on Nov. 5 vs. Tennessee he said:

“100% sure. Tennessee game, I’m playing.”

Earlier in the week, Harris spoke with the Wisconsin State Journal, telling them how he has been spending his off-time, what his mindset is and more:

“The first week, I couldn’t do anything. It was just rest. And I suck at that,” said Harris, who’d last sat out a game in 1997, when he was on the Buccaneers’ practice squad. “But I had to do it, so I did. I sat home and rested. I’m just thankful they didn’t have to take my spleen out or anything like that.”

Harris was cleared to do light workouts — small weights and cardio on the elliptical trainer — after that, which wasn’t enough for him, either. (Hence the restaurant search.)

“It’s been hard, not being able to prepare every week (for a game). You’re so used to preparing and used to doing one thing every day, my whole day, I’ve had to literally make up a different schedule to keep my days (tolerable),” Harris said. “Because I’ve been having the same schedule for so long: Go to practice, workout, go home, eat, maybe get another workout in, study and then go to sleep.”

Harris said he’s been impressed with the way nickelback Tramon Williams has played in his stead — he’s had an interception in each of his three starts in Harris’ place — but said his return would give the Packers’ defense a boost.

“I’m definitely anxious to get back out there. I think I can help,” Harris said, singling out the play of Williams and veteran cornerback Charles Woodson, who continues to play with a broken toe on his right foot. “The guys are doing a great job, but I’m anxious.”

Anxious, but not without concerns, Harris confessed.

“I’m still scared, right now. But the odds of it happening again are unlikely,” Harris said. “I may be wrong. But I’m going to give it a shot once the doctors clear me.”

BTW, Al adds he’s discovered a new restaurant while he’d been sidelined. He’s been a customer at The Urban Frog Deli almost every day since his injury!

Harris could return after bye week

Great news for Al Harris and Packers fans: The National Football Post reports Harris received a CT scan today which revealed his injured spleen is healing “amazingly well.”

The report goes on to say Harris is awating word from the Packers medical staff on today’s test results, and if all goes as planned, 3irty1 could return to the field in Week 9, after the team’s bye week.

Here’s Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on the timeline for Al’s return:

“Obviously we are moving in the right direction,” McCarthy said. “So, we’ll see what the other doctors’ opinions (are). That’s just one doctor’s opinion. We’ll send his results out and get back more information. I think he will be hard-pressed to make it this week, but I think after the bye is realistic.”

Al Harris health update No. 3

It’s likely that we’ll have some additional opinions on Al’s condition today.

Agent Jack Bechta says lab results have been sent to two specialists, and those specialists are expected to give their diagnoses today.

We’ll keep you posted with the latest as it becomes available.

Thank you for the amazing outpouring of support you’ve provided while commenting on the site and wishing Al the best. Packer Nation has done itself proud!